5 benefits of AnyDesk On-Premises

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AnyDesk On-Premises is a solution that is tailored specifically to your needs and those of your company. We’ll tell you why an AnyDesk license is worthwhile and which 5 benefits you enjoy as an On-Premises customer.

1. Local Network Environment

We offer your On-Premises solution in a local network environment. You can run your own AnyDesk network in-house, completely independent from our servers. Your data never leaves your environment. Only devices that are part of your network can connect. All information stays in your network and is isolated from the outside world, for even more security. On-Premises is particularly suitable for those companies that work with sensitive data and security is the top priority, such as in the medical sector, for research institutes or airports. Your security is important to us! Learn more about security.

2. Customization

With the On-Premises solution, you can customize the AnyDesk client to suit your business needs. Design AnyDesk according to your own visions and use your company logo and branding. Imagine you work in support and want to connect to a customer’s device. With your company’s own branding, you create a basis of trust for your customers.  But that’s not all! You decide if you want to make certain AnyDesk features available to your employees. Configure permissions, standards, and many other features to customize AnyDesk to your company and your needs.

3. Personal Support

We support you on your way! Whether you need help getting started, training sessions, or you want us to implement your very own AnyDesk solution – our experts will provide you with personal support! With On-Premises, you have the option to book consulting packages to make sure you have everything you need. Our experts are there for you and support you in all matters. Best of all: Technical support is of course included!

4. Advanced API Integration Options

Do you have any idea how many applications you and your employees use every day? Whatever number comes to your mind, it’s obviously a high one! Thanks to advanced interface options, your AnyDesk On-Premises solution can be integrated with other programs. Usage data can be automatically queried and integrated into your own systems via the REST-API interface. For example, if you use applications for billing or session data collection, you can easily integrate AnyDesk via the REST-API interface and save yourself extra work!

5. Manage Group Policies Centrally

Within a network, it is convenient if all AnyDesk workstations behave in the same way. With group policies, you can centrally manage the settings of multiple workstations so that users are quickly ready to go. Large companies in particular have many devices that need to be managed. It’s tedious to take care of each one individually. Managing settings from a central location is possible with group policies. Not only does this give you control over how AnyDesk is used in your company. It also saves you time because you don’t have to configure each workstation individually.

The full power of AnyDesk!

AnyDesk is a powerful remote support software that enables both large enterprises and start-ups to provide ideal customer service and fast problem resolution from any location. At the same time, companies can provide their employees with a simple and secure solution to work from home with AnyDesk.

AnyDesk at a glance:

Superior Performance. The fastest software on the market, thanks to our industry-leading video codec DeskRT.

Military-Grade Encryption. Cutting-edge military-grade security standards, protecting your network from prying eyes and providing perfect forward secrecy.

Every OS, every device. We support all platforms and all devices, so you have no limitations.

High scalability, minimal footprint. Designed for high availability, we guarantee high parallelism, robustness, and fault tolerance.

Are you interested? Contact us today for your individual offer! We will be happy to advise you. For more information, visit AnyDesk On-Premises.

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